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Message Subject Former ‘Extreme Couponer’ Admits: It’s a Waste of Time
Poster Handle Corn Dog
Post Content
There’s a strong argument to be made that utilizing couponing as something of a part-time job is pointless because, considering the amount of time that’s required, you’d wind up making (or saving, as it were) far more money with an actual part-time job. What’s more, a paycheck is generally considered superior to, say, a stockpile of 50 jars of tomato sauce.

Read more: [link to business.time.com]

So I should stop using coupons and get a second job? I am a couponer and I have no desire to get a part-time job so I can afford groceries. Personally I enjoy planning my shopping trip- my children help organize things but according to the Time article, I should be busting my ass at another job, away from my family and home because I would save more money???!!!
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