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Message Subject End Internet Porn and Illegal Downloading Of Movies & Music By Voting Romney.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
fool romney cannot end abortion, porn, contraception, downloading anything. That comes from the legislature.

The stream of lies that the president can do anything like that is proof that those making such claims dont understand the system or dont care about the truth.
Under preoblahblah conditions, the president is nothing more than an administrator constrained by laws and constitution,
Oblahblah made it into a seat of rule by decree.
Americans were electing a servant, not a ruler doing whatever he wishes, and you should all know that.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25390958

Romney already said that he wants the internet censored to block pornography and will work with "Business" to get that done.

"Job Creators" will be in the cat bird seat and will enjoy collecting the hides of those who illegally download their products or ruining the parents of those whose children do.

Debtor's prison was big in olde England and since America seems to be going back to what they ran away from it may come back strong in America as an economic model creating Jobs jobs jobs.
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