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Message Subject BREAKING >>> Shut the FUCK UP About Voting - WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU ALL???
Poster Handle nosheeples
Post Content
i did post a thread like this 1 hour ago i think shorter than this, indeed it make me puke how mutch this world is not wake up at all! there is alot more sheeps and asleep retards than awake peoples , did you see this GLP threads they insult and ridicule peoples who did't vote? what ashame ! what happened to this cool GLP conspiracy forum? it turn into a political reality retard show, it's about time someone post a thread about this!you tell the truth!thanks brother finally someone who speak my mind, the world has gone totaly mad with a bunch of clowns who think vote fucking matter! it make me puke and i'm lost for words, let's keep this thread alive unless we will know who are really awake to the fukcing truth. cheers

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