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Message Subject BREAKING >>> Shut the FUCK UP About Voting - WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU ALL???
Poster Handle Slick Vick
Post Content
This thread is utter nonsense. To listen to all this whining about not voting given the rest of the BS you all talk about here on GLP, then it seems obvious to me that Romney should have won.

Instead of whining foolish nonsense here, go out and do something constructive in your communities.

Oh, and by the way, the market is down big today because all of the GOP 1%-ers are upset because the VOTE didn't turn out the way they wanted it to.

 Quoting: I voted and am proud of it 27095381

Your post is fucking laughable. I'd love to do something constructive in my community, unfortunately I'm stuck working 50 hours a week just so I can have somewhere to go after work to shower, eat, and sleep.

You'll likely never understand and that's why we're pissed.
 Quoting: Slick Vick

Indulge me. How does NOT voting help anything? All you've done is spin conspiracies.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27095381

You're not worth the time but if you'd like you can read this [link to www.caseyresearch.com]

and then go watch the video on the first page.. It's truth, not conspiracy. The only conspiracy is the one against you that keeps you believing the propaganda you were born and bred on.
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