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Message Subject BREAKING >>> Shut the FUCK UP About Voting - WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU ALL???
Poster Handle Rowsdower
Post Content
not voting doesn't accomplish anything???

i think the question is what does voting accomplish?
you shits are all proud of yourselves thinking you are being active and making a difference and look down on us for not voting. delusional

the only way to accomplish anything in regards to revolution and change (outside of violence) is NON COMPLIANCE.
with everything, there is a choice.
against banks and credit? don't fucking use them and spread the word
against unconstitutional taxes? don't fucking pay them and spread the word
against GMOs? don't fucking eat them and spread the word

sadly everyone is too afraid or ignorant or apathetic or any combination of these. makes being optimistic of the future impossible.

good or bad, something huge is coming down the pipe. will we cower and fight each other? or will we set our differences aside and stand and work together as a species..

who knows, but i have zero faith in mankind at this point.
luckily in the end it doesn't matter.
it's all part of the big game. be fearless and play
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