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Message Subject BREAKING >>> Shut the FUCK UP About Voting - WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU ALL???
Poster Handle Truthache
Post Content
....Last time I checked, the military in this country is actually funded by the taxpayer through the government.....

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27095381

The last time you checked? You haven't checked anything. The money in this "country" is created out of thin air! Imagine 100 dollars created as debt and spent for every for every dollar actually earned and spent and you are just scratching the surface.
This is what Congress has been allowing under orders from their banking masters who OWN The U.S. Corporation that you call your country and "vote" executives into and out of (Oh yes, it's a Corporation alright, not a country) and it runs under a controlled and sustained bankruptcy.

Anyone that supports or pushes the illusion that the tax revenue "funds" government spending and AND that your vote is any sort of actual "power" in establishing control over it is either ignorant of the facts or an asshole perpetuating a system against the American people. You are fortunate,AC, that you are simply one of millions ignorant. You have a lot to learn but if you really care, you will.
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