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Message Subject BREAKING >>> Shut the FUCK UP About Voting - WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU ALL???
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
May I say one of the most intelligent threads ever here at GLP. I have learned a lot from most of you here. I didn't vote and haven't for many years. My reason was very simple. As history has shown nothing really changes no matter who is in office. The last president of the people might have been Kennedy for attempting to get rid of the Fed. Other than that from Kennedy on all were puppets.The powers that be control the white house and the illusion is that the masses choose their leaders. The leaders are already chosen.

I was asked by several people including friends and family am I going to vote and assuming I would vote. Said no and gave my reasons and boy did I get jumped on. So thanks so much for all your sharing and strengthening my reasons for not participating in this voting scam.

So many are just goo goo gaga over Obama winning the election and believing their lives will be better and that Obama truly cares for them. They don't reflect on the past 4 years and has their state improved at all ? The billions of campaign dollars they both spent all wasted on a rigged election.

Congress continues to enjoy their raises they give themselves and their great pensions and full coverage healthcare.How about our healthcare and our pensions etc.

I spent 19 years with the same company and employer who has millions of course. I don't even have health insurance.Only workers comp if something happens while I am at work or work related. Had kidney stones twice and have over $12,000 of medical bills that I can't pay.When I retire I will get about $25,000. My employer had a pension plan for workers but did away with it 10 years ago cause he got tired of paying into it for his workers so he quit. I am fortunate to get that much. But out of that $25,000 I cannot draw it all out at once due to a law past by Congress last year and I will get taxed on it. I am grateful to life for employment of course but that is it. Such is life.

The ancient sages were/are right. The world is an illusion."Wake up" they have said. And present day sages say man is asleep. Illusion doesn't mean something doesn't exist. It exists. It's just not what the mind thinks it is. What is labeled by the mind as love isn't. What is labeled as a government of,for and by the people isn't at all.
History says that slavery ended in this country when Lincoln freed the slaves. Slavery never ended.Just that we have new masters.
 Quoting: mrsnacks 10616946

Nicely put Mr. Snacks.. Don't let uninformed people put you down and don't question your beliefs because of what the majority thinks they "know". They don't know shit and you should consider yourself proud to hold the knowledge you have. Most people don't want to know the truth as they enjoy living in fantasy land while blaming everyone else for their own ignorance..
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