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Message Subject BREAKING >>> Shut the FUCK UP About Voting - WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU ALL???
Poster Handle anon
Post Content
"Until you physically rise up and fight the power, you are giving your consent. Go ahead and keep thinking that not voting somehow equals a revolution if you want to, but that's bullshit. While you sit on the couch thinking silent non-compliance will overthrow the elite, they'll still be laughing all the way to the bank."

IMO, when one awakens to the fraud that's been perpetuated for eons and removes themselves from the ranks of consent and takes back their own power, much can be accomplished without violence. This would delve into another discussion of how powerful our souls are, why we are here, etc. That's another rabbit hole to explore for another day.

For many, when they realize how insidious politics, media, etc is, they often times will awaken to this entire reality and everything they know being a lie. YMMV.
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