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Letter from Barney Ivanovic to Mr. ERIC GARCIA from the GIRO Bank

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11/06/2012 05:25 PM
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Letter from Barney Ivanovic to Mr. ERIC GARCIA from the GIRO Bank
Curacao, June 28, 2010

Mr. Eric Garcia
Giro Bank
Curacao, Netherlands Antilles

RE: Plaza Hotel Curacao
Metro Group B.V./Fort Shore N.V./Bayside Holding Group Limited

Dear Mr. Garcia,

Before I start with Plaza Hotel Curacao issues, I would like to thank you for working with me and giving me opportunity to grow as an investor in Curacao, hopefully one day we will work together again. You know, it is hard to be investor at any place, and specially when some comes with guns and hijack your business and steal all your assets, with protection of police and back up of Notary and Acting Governor. This was worse then Nazi Germany. Only I know feeling of being assaulted with gun, hopeless in front of Chester Peterson, George Jamaloodin and armed Speedy Security Services officers (what a brave bunch) in my Plaza Hotel Office, and then I learned that George is related to Marlon Jamaloodin, Parliament Member and etc. In US this is called terrorist act and it will be treated as such. Later discoveries, shoved, it was pre meditated and well planed terrorist operation. What is incredible, that in Curacao, owner and manager could be removed from his business and his home with group of armed toughs with Police protection, and then he has to go to court to prove that he is owner and manager, while some one is robbing his business with out any one being prosecuted or liable for this act, incredible, some thing is wrong in this picture. I would like to know, if this even can even happen in Somalia. Why investing in Curacao, with armed security you can take over any
business. I was invited to invest, and I have been investing in Curacao for over 10 years, and I have many on going investments, and I would not allow this group of people to ruined Curacao with their action. Now I would like personally to inform you of some events of Plaza Hotel Curacao.

On November 29, 2007, Adele van der Pluijm-Vrede, a Civil-Law Notary prepared agreement where I (Ocean Side Management N.V.) had option to purchase Frank Buscemi (Fort Coast Group N.V.) and Layne Rachowicz (South Sky N.V.) shares in Bayside Holding Group Limited and Metro Group B.V.. (see Share Holders Agreement, 29h November 2007)

On March 1, 2008, I was brutally removed from my Plaza Hotel Curacao office on order of Chester Peterson and executed by George Jamaloodin and armed Speedy Security Group N.V. officers with out court order or any legal justification in a presence and assistance from Police. On March 1, 2008 Metro Group management and possession of Plaza Hotel Curacao was taken away by force.
I still do not understand (nether my International criminal attorneys) how that no one is prosecuted in
Curacao, for this act, and how some one could sign checks with out me. (see VONNIS KG 55/55/2007, 13 maart 2008 / VONNIS AR 61/2008 KG, 14 maart 2008 /KORT GEDING, 6 maart 2008 / Police Procesverbaal nummer 071220091200 / e-mail: March 18, 2008 to Adele van der Pluijm-Vrede, a Civil Law Notary /mr. H.W. Braam, 8 december 2009 case)

As per March 1, 2008 I was dismissed as a Fort Shore N.V. Managing Director and change was made in a Chamber of Commerce, Curacao Commercial Register on March 3rd 2008 with out any legal justification and on a same day 3 maart 2008, Adele van der Pluijm-Vrede, a Civil Law Notary established company Fort Hotel Exploitatie Maatschappij B.V. # 104165 (later amended to Plaza Hotel Management B.V.), listing Aloysius Petrus Roelofsen (Lou Roelofsen) and Layne M. Rachowicz as a Managing Directors (same persons involved in my brutal removal from my Plaza Hotel Curacao office on March 1, 2008)
(see 03 MRT 2008 Chamber of Commerce Curacao / Curacao Commercial Register and Articles of Corporation (not full set) of Fort Hotel Exploitatie Maatschappij B.V. and Plaza Hotel Management B.V.)

On 11 april 2008 Ocean Side Management N.V. lost case/lost ownership of Plaza Hotel Curacao (see VONNIS AR 60/2008 KG, 11 april 2008)

Ocean Side Management N.V., appealed (see Akte Van Appeal 29 april 2008)

On 2 juni 2009 Ocean Side Management N.V. won case in High Court/won ownership of Plaza Hotel Curacao back, Murray and Johanneke did incredible job, I will thanks them for ever. (see Vonnis no.: 263, KG 60/08 — H 197/08, 2 juni 2009 / Murray en Schelling PLEITAANTEKENINGEN 10 maart 2009)

During the appeal time and after verdict of June 2, 2009 we learned that Metro Group B.V. is empty company, stripped of all assets and ownership of Plaza Hotel Curacao is in question. (see letter 1 St January 2009 to Plaza Hotel Curacao employees, signed by Layne Rachowicz for Metro Group B.V. and for Plaza Hotel Management B.V.)

On March 13, 2009 Adele van der Pluijm-Vrede, a Civil Law Notary, established corporation Plaza Casino Management B.V. # 106843 (see Curacao Commercial Register and Articles of Corporation (not full set) of Plaza Casino Management B.V.)

Also companies in question: Plaza Hotel Curacao/Metro Group B.V. # 99286
Fort Shore N.V. # 99285

On 6 november 2009 I filed complaint about Adel van der Pluijm-Vrede at Notarial court in Curacao (see Kamer Van Toezicht, over de notarissen en kandidaat-notarissen)

This will be in general events of Plaza Hotel Curacao, there is much more then this and if you need any additional information please do not hesitate to ask.

Please, provide Ocean Side Management N.V. with regards to a Vonnis no.: 263, KG 60/08-H 197/08 dated June 2, 2009, with information on present situation of Plaza Hotel Curacao with regards to Giro Bank mortgage, all Metro Group B.V.; Fort Shore N.V. and Bayside Holding Group Limited accounts, with all account activities from March 1, 2008 till present.

Please forward requested information to our attorneys:
mr Mirto F. Murray and mr Johanneke G.J. Schelling
Small Murray Scheper
Rozenweg 4 / Postbus 134 / Willemstad Curacao, Netherlands Antilles

Tel.: 738-0280 / Fax: 738-0281

Thank you.
Sincerely yours,

Barney Ivanovic
Ocean Side M,anagement N.V. Tel.: Curacao 567-2642
USA 001 954 816 - 3205 e-mail:

Barney Ivanovic
Ocean Side Management N.V.

Tel.: Curacao 567-2642
USA 001 954 816 - 3205