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If you get off that highway then you will in enough entering see or feel or hear something.

One thing is for sure sor sure if you out in those mountains and you see one huge huge smooth rock where no other rocks are

Like just leaves trees and dirt under leaves....you are in the zone.

You may just pass on through and not experience any thing but when you do you will break a leg a tail bone or have a heart attack before you get out of the woods.

My uncle was always in the wood he was an avid hunter even a traveling hunter especially for moose.
Finally after all those enterings comings and goings....he laid dead with the flash light still in his head on the path back to the cabin.

you should have seen his fingers on that one hand and the look on his face...he even creeped you out in the casket all prettied up in the funeral parlor.

Everybody that walked in and walked up froze stepped back and left the room no one could stay in there where he was.

It was an evil evil creepy creepy vibe...many of many of dead lay in that same parlor.
Some mangled crushed some shot to death some burned to death..some experimented to death.

Never a one like that entered the parlor or left the parlor.
They did not even fix him right they threw stuff on him slung it at him and got the hell away from him.

His nails were broken all to pieces the very nails on his right hand were broken all to pieces in splits and chunks missing.

That man ran it to those few and far between very few are they evil evil straight out of hell things.

Even my grandmother and me saw this time of death I saw not him only me and her in our order we were and are to die and we were together even talking to each other...even though we were dead.

But him he never woke up he was there but he never spoke because he staid dead.

He died right after her and he got what could have him those things can have those like him.
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