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can we please go back to talking about aliens?

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 22716786
United States
11/08/2012 01:36 AM
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Re: can we please go back to talking about aliens?
Aliens are fallen angels,
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 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25402316

Not Intresting and very wrong.

This planet was established in life form by several types of creatures man would like to think of as aliens. They are not alien because they were here before man upon this planet. Quite actually some are that old. But man doesn't know nor understand this because of the events of the rebellion and the effects of the fallen ones. There were several among the classes of they mankind think of as "aliens", but this doesn't make the whole universe plan a fraud.

There was a "war" going on between "good and evil", and this reached from powers of substance, through those type creatures mankind think of as "alien" and down to mankind itself.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 21656968

If we where created by aliens, then our universe would have to be allot older then it is right now. even albert einstien believed in god. Not to mention what kinda alien would just fly around and spy on us and watch us kill ourself..... If they created us then they would be our parents and what kinda parents/intellegent life lets thier kids kill each other my friend. Wish you would use your common sense.... It is litrally impossible to cross the universe to begin with let alone creat a race then watch them kill themselfs... why creat them to begin with... havnt you ever thought about that..... or have you ever herd of cases where 1 person see's a UFO and other person next to them see's a parachute with a guy....... ever wounder why ppl see the same thing but looks different to each person... then read the bible and you will understand... Devil takes many form to decieve us.... check it out brother
I got a question for you. You believe aliens created us to watch us die, but yet you cannot fathom god created us... even thoo the universe is a perfectly balanced place... not to mention as science and history gets more discovered ..."most of it hidden from us by the satanist whos running this show... We still cannot prove god did not create us... More ppl that see aliens the more god knows we do not believe in him... in the old days when ppl where innocent and believed in god the world was a far better place then it is today... and not to mention that they knew "ufo/aliens" where fallen angels. Notice how same thing happens through out history.. humans worship something that comes from the sky such as "sun gods, inderdimentional beings, galatic aliens" and what happens... each civilation warships these beings then dies off... wounder why this is... hmm lets think about this... satan takes many shapes and wants to kill us all.... there is satanism everywhere in the world and we are killing our selfs off right now... hmmm look at monster energy drinks... did you know that "scrath logo, or M looking shap" is actualy 3 arabic number 6's.... monster energy = 666, or coke cola in reverse in arabic means NO GOD... hmm now notice the satanist handbook... if you punch me i kick, and punch you ect... now look at america .. we get punched by terrorist.. so we punch and kick them and rip there heads off.... whats wrong with this world is quite easy to see when you can see the truth my friends but if your blind to the truth you will not notice anything im telling you right now..... unplug yourself from the matrix my friend and god bless you hope the best for you guys.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 5929355

DUDE, if GOD is real, you just described him. He's watching us all kill each other. He created us knowing man would sin so every other person to ever live would be destined to hell, and yet we are supposed to believe he is loving? Come on, son!

You said God is our father and wouldnt watch us hurt each other... If he's real, THEN HE IS DOING EXACTLY THAT

User ID: 11648979
Czech Republic
11/08/2012 01:51 AM
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Re: can we please go back to talking about aliens?
Why does every interesting subject have to be white washed with religious tripe ? Give it a break ...please. Read the thread title and stay with the subject.
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todays trend on GLP
bible it blink