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Message Subject America is truly Babylon - End is coming soon
Poster Handle waterman
Post Content
Just as Isaiah walked around naked for 3 years for a sign, so the same will be with the americans when the Day of the Lord comes. There is a 42 month captivity coming before the 7 year tribulation. Even Isaiah 21:27 shows you the 3 years again:
I will overturn(1), overturn(2), overturn(3), it: and it shall be no more, until he come whose right it is; and I will give it him.......where it says and it shall be no more until he come whose right it is, this is the last day servant God raises up from amongst the people after the 42 month captivity right before the 7 year tribulation. This servant will feed the people spritually for 7 years just as Joseph fed the people during the physical famine in Egypt. The key is to look at what happens in the physical and know that there will be the same thing in the spiritual coming. If satan is going to have an antichrist and a false prophet you can be sure it is only a counterfeit of what God has with the "two witnesses" and when the anti-christ and the false prophet are building the 3rd temple the two witnesses are building the spiritual temple of God bringing people to the knowledge of Jesus Christ and teaching righteousness after the people have went through the furnace of affliction(idols removed and went into slavery for 42 months). Think about it, you can't get a message to people with all the distractions of daily living we have. People right now may hear about God for may 5 minutes a day and most of that is because they accidently scanned the radio to a christian station or jumped over a christian t.v station. The word of God is scarcely heard in the United States anymore and when it is 90 percent of it is "for a gift of 100 dollars we can sent you this beautiful gold inlayed bible or something they are trying to sell you" I'm not saying all but a vast majority are just in it for money.
 Quoting: waterman

Jesus spoke in parables so people would have to search for the "truth". Would the word of God(the bible) be any different? The story of Sampson(the strong guy) is simply a parable of the strong nation(united states). Notice again sampson knew God but then turned from God and started living wildly and breaking his Nazarite vow by touching the dead lion and eating the honey that was in it's body. Then Sampson also broke the vow by letting his hair get cut, that was the final one that made the enemy come, blind Sampson and take him into captivity...how long was his captivity and his slavery of grinding in the mill? It lasted until he repented and his hair grew long again, I would say it was 42 months just as the modern day Sampson(united states) will go through.
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