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Message Subject America is truly Babylon - End is coming soon
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This was said when Obama won in 2008, America is still here. I know you wish it to be destroyed so badly but I'm afraid it's not going anywhere.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27252437

It is probably true, that people said that. Personally I would take these warnings very seriously. I try very hard to find the most credible spiritual believers in Jesus Christ my Lord for knowledge of everything that is happening, will happen and what I should do about it. Virtually all of them have said the same thing and though before they may have conflicted over how and when it will happen now they are united in their words even though they have little to no personal ties.

And what they are saying is this the judgment that will fall on America began with Superstorm Sandy, that it will come in the next 2 months and that America will either be completely devastated if not destroyed.

There was a time when I did not fear the Lord and instead feared what my family would say or do if I obeyed the Word of the Lord and refused to do their will so I refused to obey the Lord. For a year the Lord was lax in His judgements, the only sign of judgement then was the lack of fruit in doing my family's will. But shortly after that first year was over my life fell apart, I slipped into depression, forced to drop out of school became isolated from all my family and friends, and finally I lost my only remaining source of income. Only then did I repent and begged the Lord's forgiveness and it was then the Lord began to restore me to the man I was.

I pray that you will hear this message and take heart the words that I am speaking.
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