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Message Subject America is truly Babylon - End is coming soon
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
babylon was a anciet city in asia minor

america is not a city

and is located in the western hemisphere

oh yeah, a parroting dolt
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27869363

Mystery Bablylon is metaphor - you moran
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 317712

Babylon=worldwide system of false religion.
Babel was the original, a city. humans were told "be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth and subdue it"
They were rebellious. They were scattered all over after the confusion of their languages. ,carrying the features of their original religion wherever they went. Mother, son+ father trinity. Human sacrifice. Immortal soul. Fate, Predestination [mans whole task becomes to avoid danger and not even worry about doing good] sorcery, spells,pyramids-you note, astrology, make a celebrated name for oneself
Sumerians believed that “the gods in control of the cosmos planned and instituted evil, falsehood and violence as part and parcel of civilization.” [so who are humans to think they should do otherwise?] Belief in fate was widespread, and it was held in high esteem.
The Pharisees also believed in a combination of predestination and free will. In other words, “everything is foreseen, yet freedom of choice is given.” They nevertheless held that Adam and Eve were predestined to sin and that even a minor cut on the finger is preordained.
Jesus may have had such false ideas in mind when he spoke about the collapse of a tower that resulted in 18 deaths. He asked: “Do you imagine that [the victims] were proved greater debtors than all other men inhabiting Jerusalem?” (Luke 13:4) As is true of most accidents, this was the result of “time and unforeseen occurrence,” not fate as the Pharisees taught. (Ecclesiastes 9:11) supposedly
We're always hearing on GLP about how god is punishing or will punish america. America never was god's covenant people. America was planned by magickians and founded by magickians, who looove darkness and hiding, and misdirection. Never give a sucker an even break.
People largely can't help where they live, at least in what country. You're more and more stuck here. But ppl by and large can stop giving their allegiance to false religion. It's a good thing that separation of church and state is more the thing, now. Because you're coming to a point you have to choose now., and you're better off without state coercion.
there's so much more to this that's really fascinating, i wish I could draw to your notice, but God knows this is long and disjointed enough.
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