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Message Subject America is truly Babylon - End is coming soon
Poster Handle AC 360
Post Content
babylon was a anciet city in asia minor

america is not a city

and is located in the western hemisphere

oh yeah, a parroting dolt
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27869363

Babylon was not in Asia Minor (Anatolia) but in Mesopotamia. Asia Minor is rugged, Mesopotamia is a fertile alluvial plain.
When the Bible refers to Babylon, it refers both to the city and the state, what we would call Babylon and Babylonia. The sins of Babylon are the sins of the capital city and those of the corrupt country as a whole: the reason why a country like the US can fit in to such an end time description.
Kosmokraters: the real evil powers migrate with the real human powers of the time: at one time it was Babylon but today it is the USA. To humans who ignore spiritual realities
Babylon and USA are not the same. To those who don't the USA of 2012 is very much the Babylon of the Kosmokraters and the one being described in the Bible.
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