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Everyone survived

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 25462819
11/07/2012 04:07 AM
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Everyone survived
So does this election result mean that Republicans and Democrats will finally come together, and understand that there is an opportunity here to start fresh, and work together for the good of the Country? Probably not. Too many entitled self-important dopes with huge chips on their shoulders to see the big picture, and the right path forward. Often it takes some major calamity before these people will open their eyes, and reach out to help their neighbours for the greater common good. Everyone survived.

But now half of America is feeling hurt, spiteful, and wrapped up in their own self-imposed misery. Blind to the real opportunity to start fresh, and to realize that your broken pride is less important than dropping all the drama, sucking it up, and taking some responsibility for your own mis-directed feelings. There are too many important challenges in front of you to be wallowing in self-pity and/or anger at this point. You say you feel angry enough to punch a hole in the wall? Go do it if it will make you feel better. Just remember, that will be just one more thing on a long list of things you already have to fix.

If you have kids, the only thing you should be thinking about right now is how you're going to take responsibility, and make their lives, and their future better. Do you think sulking and bitching about the "evil man in the white house" is going to set an great example for your children? Or do you think that taking personal responsibility, being optimistic, and participating in helping your broken country pull together might be a better example?

How about his concept America? How about putting it all away for the love of your Country? Remember Love of Country? Stow it. Suck it up and be a man. Be strong, be patriotic, and help your Country. The Country that gives you your unalienable rights, your freedoms, your lifestyle, and a love for the very principles on which your Country was founded. How about getting behind YOUR President? I would be happy to have him as mine. This is a President who is not "evil", and also one who is not perfect. But I'll tell you what, he sure could do a lot better if half of his own citizens weren't constantly attempting to demonize him. It's time to drop the partisan BS. This is a man, just a like you and I, not some "God" who can cast a magic wand and fix everything overnight. He is only human. And that is what I admire the most about this man, his "humanity". He speaks from the heart. He IS a good man. Again, he is not perfect. Is anyone? Are you?

Perhaps you may not see the value, or could care less, but I have a unique unbiased perspective. I am critically in tune with US Politics, perhaps more than most Americans. Here's what a citizen from another country, with a totally unbiased perspective sees. I see America constantly shooting themselves in the foot, because they can't ...no, refuse to get over themselves. Get over the partisanship. But you must. Otherwise NOTHING gets done. Nothing moves through the House, and a bunch of overpaid pricks in the House get paid to do NOTHING. Make your representatives WORK. Get behind your President, and demand that your representatives WORK for your Country. If nothing gets done, and you support it, then you support NOTHING!!! Do you Support Nothing? Do you want more nothing, or more THAN nothing? Sorry, but that means YOU have to do something about it.

But most of you will continue to do NOTHING, sit back and hope the President takes care of it all, while playing armchair quarterback, and blaming someone else for your own flaccid impotence.

God damn it America, stop shooting yourselves in the foot. Get off your high horse, for the good of your own Country, and for the future of your children. Get off your fat stubborn ass and support YOUR President. He has been returned to office for a second term now. That's it. And he could use your help. He deserves your respect, not shameful name calling or hate. Do you think it's right to post garbage like the idiot who posted the recent topic "Does anyone have a feeling Obama will be assassinated very soon?"? To the OP of that thread, I am deeply embarrassed for you. It pretty much sums up the level of hateful, disturbing, unpatriotic, even treasonous garbage that is spewed like vomit from the mouths of thoughtless anonymous cowards, here and elsewhere. Society is becoming weaker because of sick minds like this. It is a sickness to let yourself go down that path. Spite solves nothing. You are responsible for your own feelings. Not Obama, not your Mama.

Respect for your Country includes respecting your President. Whether or not you like him, he is the President of the United States. "United", as in unity. Has the word lost it's meaning to you? There is no "other" President. He's the only one you have. Work with him. Get behind him. I know it might be a bitter pill to swallow right now. But realize that anything else, is tantamount to shooting yourself in the foot. Next year, it will be more like shooting yourself in the face. There's no time like the present to rethink, restart, and move forward with a smile instead of a sneer. Hey, I don't have anything to lose. You do. I can sit back, safe in the knowledge that I am only a spectator, able to laugh at all the self-mutilation and strange partisan antics that are tearing your Country apart. It's quite simply, quite plainly, stupid.

America, please don't shoot yourself in the face. You used to be a good neighbour, and I still care about you.
Please, stop being stupid. Get behind your President.

Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 25462819
11/07/2012 04:56 AM
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Re: Everyone survived
Then again, maybe everyone's dead.