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Message Subject "Your Nation is about to Sin" [Posted 11/4/12] Says The Lord Jesus Christ "Too Many Liberals" [Posted 11/1/12] FULFILLED
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
MY point is to steer you back into the Word of God and not into dreamers who can not back up those dreams with Gods Word.
 Quoting: Brogan

Who made you the driver? And how is a dream less reliable than an allegory? The point is that you did exactly what you accused someone else of doing: making unsubstantiated claims.

So I fed you something. But I can back it up in God's Word. The world is already spiritually dead and bitter, can you not see it around you every day?
 Quoting: Brogan

You "fed" nobody, and no interpretation is an authoritative fact. You're only giving your opinions, not quotations. And nobody denies how bad the world is, but only your attempt to impose your personal viewpoint on a passage of scripture.

To point out that most do not read death and living from Gods Word properly in most places let's look at these verses below. The dead are spiritually dead, and the living are those that stand with God through to the 7th trump because they carried His Wisdom. Those dead aren't dead in the ground dead, if they were dead in the ground for 1000 years then who are the priests of God and Christ going to reign over throughout the millennium?
 Quoting: Brogan

Properly? By whose standards? And "dead" must be determined by context as to whether it's literal or figurative; you can't just pick which one you like to suit the viewpoint you wish to support. You're also grossly oversimplifying prophecy.

Think, study, meditate, and pray for clay to be applied to the eyes so you can see men as trees. Get into the Word and quit dreaming up dreams that go against Gods Word otherwise you will be decieved!
 Quoting: Brogan

I have walked with God for over 50 years and studied the Word intensely all that time, and continue to this day. I've read many commentaries, listened to many scholars, and debated in many forums. Yet for all this you call me blind, just because I disagree with you.

Don't try to give me orders or threats either. In my opinion, it is you who are deceived, but I don't use that as an argument. Drop the "teacher" attitude and maybe people will continue talking to you.
 Quoting: Keep2theCode

You already know why I or any other would speak up for the Word of God. I do it for Him and not to condemn any of His children. All wisdom comes from God and I do not claim to be the source. Interpretations are not interpretations but instead Truths when they are witnessed for two or three times throughout His Word.

Please don't mistake my confidence as arrogance as I am not the message. You might re-consider some of what what I wrote using Gods Word to witness bearing in mind that I am not perfect, a professional writer, nor mean you any harm.
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