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Message Subject "Your Nation is about to Sin" [Posted 11/4/12] Says The Lord Jesus Christ "Too Many Liberals" [Posted 11/1/12] FULFILLED
Poster Handle Once4All
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It is one interpretation. However, if you examine the prophecies and the identity of the "king of the north", obama fits perfectly. America dictates global policy and extends as far north as Alaska. It is the most powerful nation in the northern hemisphere (North America). Daniel 11:37 and Daniel 11:43 are prime examples.
What does it mean? It means that there will soon be great tribulation like never before. If you are not prepared, you will indeed face the "man of lawlessness" and you will be forced to accept a new monetary system requiring you to have an implantable device inserted into your right hand or forehead. Interestingly, 666 is also representative for the bismillah, or the islamic proclamation "there is no god but allah". If you do not agree.. [link to www.youtube.com] Those that have offered their support and admiration to the "man of sin" are going to face an angry God.
The "antichrist", or the "beast" will face Jesus Christ in the valley of Jehosophat (Israel). He will arrogantly try to stop Jesus, and will be destroyed along with the armies of the earth who are participating in this assault.
Read the scriptures. There is NO OTHER WAY.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 15537797

Directions in Bible prophecy are from Jerusalem, not just anywhere. If you make "north" mean anyplace in the norther hemisphere, you have to allow extreme latitude with every other detail of prophecy, and then it's whatever you want it to be. That's too sloppy for me. And N. America is not equated with the northern hemisphere; Russia at least fits some of the prophecies, and they are very much north.

As for preparation for the Tribulation, have you forgotten what Jesus said? It will be "a time such has never been, and will never be again". Christians have always suffered persecution, some of it going on today in the extreme. If anyone teaches that we are not going to suffer much in this life, they are the poorest teacher. And I would never teach such a thing, nor would any pre-trib Rapture teacher.

And even if I'm wrong about the timing of the Rapture, I would like very much to see how bravely and preparedly you go through it. Such bravado deserves an audience.

ADDED: I am SO VERY FED UP with people spreading these ridiculous straw men about us who believe the pre-trib Rapture! "Oh, you're not prepared! Be prepared like ME, I am so very PREPARED! You will be fooled into taking the mark of the Beast! Hahahahaha!"

Did I mention I'm fed up?
 Quoting: Keep2theCode

Moscow is due North of Jerusalem

[if my memory serves!]
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