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Message Subject "Your Nation is about to Sin" [Posted 11/4/12] Says The Lord Jesus Christ "Too Many Liberals" [Posted 11/1/12] FULFILLED
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
"My people sin against Me,"

Says the Lord Jesus."
[Told to me yesterday.]

Headlines: Obamma Re-elected.
 Quoting: Once4All

I don't like the bumya any more than anyone else around here, but I suppose you do know that the Bible says that the Lord himself picks all the Kings, Queens, and leaders of all nations upon the face of the earth. So to say that we sinned because of to many liberals is absurd. Go look it up and read it yourself, God is in control and He appoints picks the kings of the earth.

I guess He forgot to tell you that part, but He does say it in His Word.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26812864

A wicked ruler is one punishment for the sin of a nation.
 Quoting: Once4All

Uh, wouldn't that be circular reasoning? You're saying that Jesus told you that the nation sinned by electing Obama, but since God selects the nations' leaders, you also now say that Obama's election is punishment on our nation. You make no sense, and have simply made it known that you favor the greedy, represented by the republican MORMON, who believes that Jesus Christ and Satan are brothers.

I feel sorry for you, and for all those you have successfully conned and misled into really thinking that you are actually told the future by Jesus Christ. But you have finally tipped your hand, and shown yourself for what you are. There is absolutely nothing biblical in this farce of yours, and if you actually believe that Jesus actually tells you these things, I fear that you will be greatly shocked and distressed when you actually do stand before Him.

I think you need to repent and stop this wrongdoing for your own sake.
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