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For the record. . .

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United States
11/07/2012 07:30 AM
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For the record. . .
I did not nor have I EVER voted for Barack Obama.
Legally he was not president and is not now president,
lacking Constitutionally required citizenship status.

The hands up for Obama in this election
mean one thing to me.
A signal to God that America is ready for the
destruction promised by 1000 prophets, many
recorded in the Bible.


We face WWIII (within three months),
the loss of loved ones due to Obama deathcare,
reinstatement of the draft and many more illegal
combat zones,in many nations, sons and daughters dying
for foreign squabbles over poppy fields.

We face armed drones, increasing tyranny at home,
checkpoints, TSA in WalMarts, loss of incomes
as more businesses go under.

But mostly, we face more Katrinas, Sandys, etc.
God has fled from us.

America as we have known it and loved it is over.
To those who can sustain it in states, cities,
communities, Godspeed.

Many of you who saw to it that Barack Obama
was re-elected, won't be alive in four more years.
Remember that you stood over our nation and drove
a knife into it's heart.