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Message Subject Bump it if you moving to Washington or Colorado for that legal RECREATIONAL WEED!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I live in Washington... SWIM smoked for several years and recently quit.. weed overtakes your life whether you admit it or not. That is why I am shocked the state even entertained the idea, they are now in the business of pushing drugs on the public

did anyone even look at the tax revenue breakdown?
[link to en.wikipedia.org]

50% state basic health plan trust
18.7% state general fund
15% DOH substance abuse program
10% DOH marijuana education & public health program
5% health care authority - community health centers contract
0.6% UW - unspecified
0.4% UW - short & long term affect research
0.3% building bridges programs grant

MAYBE it would be a good idea if it went 100% to the genera fund, but this is only going to benefit health programs that most people don't use. 25% of it is going to substance abuse programs and marijuana education. Does that NOT seem counter-intuitive ?? The state is going to sell you drugs/weed and then educate you on why it is a bad idea to do it. Seriously wtf

It would be one thing it this was straight legalization, allowing you to grow your own but it's not, anyone who does that is now an illegal competitor of the state... get caught growing your own or with more than an ounce, not only are you breaking state + federal laws, you are committing tax fraud by not paying the taxes. The DUI thing is another story... any smart person would quit smoking today so it is out of their system in a month's time
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