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Message Subject Bump it if you moving to Washington or Colorado for that legal RECREATIONAL WEED!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Ya'll are CRAZY :) Don't go moving just yet. I'm a res. of CO (living in the ONLY truly LEGAL [purely symbolic according to county and state officials] town in the U.S.) and this has a LONG way to go before being ironed out. As far as entrepreneurial ideas go, it will be at least a year until the details are decided upon as to how said operations will work. As far as the tax hype, that is another issue that needs to be worked out, and statements have already been made by the states PTB that NO taxes will be given to fund schools etc, as it is still ILLEGAL (if the FED doesn't recognize...) regardless of the propaganda that was spread about A64. They want to regulate like alcohol, but there has yet to be a test that shows on spot intoxication, therefore if you've smoked within a MONTH of getting pulled over, you WILL test hot and be subject to a DUI (this is no joke in CO), remember, the tolerance level is 0 for what's in your system. As far as the whole amendment goes, there is nothing in the language that states they even have to do ANY of it...

There is a LOT of BS with A64 because the legal language is garbage, and when the FED gets a hold of it they will tear it to shreds (yes, as much as we want states rights, we ain't there yet...). Unfortunately, it has the potential to bring the house of cards down altogether, including the current med situation. On the flip side, if other states can jump on the bandwagon (fast enough), a movement can be created that may turn heads the other way, but strength in numbers is necessary to show the FED that the nation is behind the movement.

It's slightly comical to see the responses about this issue. After living the "wild west" days of the beginning of the mmj blow-up starting in '08, watching folks go a bit nuts about it all. Folks jumped on the bandwagon from EVERY walk of life, but now that it's all said and done, things aren't too much different than they were. Most mmj card holders stopped renewing after the first year and went back to black market. MANY dispensaries shut their doors due to refusal of compliance with regulations (fee after fee after fee, then when you think your paid, oh, we need this much more for you to be compliant) and now dispensaries that are left are STRUGGLING to maintain, and their product is crap. Yes, we still have a mmj system in place, and we still have dispensaries, but mainly things are back to the way they were (just lower prices due to dispensary wars).

Don't get me wrong, I'm not anti-movement, I just think folks need to take a step back and look at the big picture and realize that this is NOT what it was touted as. I like to play devils advocate with issues like these, as most folks jump on board without any knowledge of what is going on. I'm torn on whether or not this will have a positive outcome, due to the fact that it is all too new. I have hope, but I try to maintain a level head when it comes to these types of issues and it's gonna be a while before things are TRULY resolved.

Back to the moving thing, give it time and see how it plays out before making a move you may regret down the road. I watched too many folks lose their ass the last time around. I'd also have some concerns deciding to move to a state that just privatized its prisons in exchange for a "90% occupancy over the next 15 yrs" guarantee...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27336237

ya know....

for all the straight up haters on this, I liked your honest write-up. I might not agree w all the details, but least your honest and not talking out your ass like the rest!

a year is good w me, gotta pack & find a job over there, so it sound like I'll be right on time for that party anaana::ana:

btw, they DO have tests out there that show thc level, and not just hot or not
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 19392583

Actually he is talking out his ass on most of his post, I have had a medical marijuana card since 2008, it has been legal since 2001, and yes they can test for THC parts per million and tell how recently you smoked!
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