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Message Subject Bump it if you moving to Washington or Colorado for that legal RECREATIONAL WEED!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
ya know....

for all the straight up haters on this, I liked your honest write-up. I might not agree w all the details, but least your honest and not talking out your ass like the rest!

a year is good w me, gotta pack & find a job over there, so it sound like I'll be right on time for that party anaana::ana:

btw, they DO have tests out there that show thc level, and not just hot or not
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 19392583

No problem friend :) This has been a crazy roller coaster to watch out here for the last 4 years. It's good to see this measure put out their and win the vote, as, if anything, it is a VERY symbolic gesture towards the end of prohibition. Unfortunately, there is a LONG way to go with this movement before anything is truly resolved in a positive way. I think WA may make it's moves faster than CO, as we are still trying to iron out the MMJ details that started in real force 4 years ago. Right now it looks like the big issue is distribution, as there is NOTHING in A64 that spells it out (i.e. Sure, you can possess it, but it is still not legal to purchase, if you are not an mmj card holder), and they've already stated that will not happen until sometime in 2014. I don't know if they plan on allowing everyone into dispensaries now, or what. The MMJ thing has lost a TON of steam in the last couple years due to the "over-regulation", and there is now a growing concern that if folks do not keep renewing their cards and assigning caregiver #'s to dispensaries, they will not be able to stay open with much lowered plant counts (the price wars they created will help to drive them out of business, a 40-60% drop in 4 years, they forced themselves into REQUIRING that they grow thousands of plants). Sooo crazy to watch happen... :)

I think the most positive side of A64 was the attempt to separate hemp from the overall movement. I personally believe that they needed to be separate from the get go, and I still see major remnants of the "Old Money" Ogre that put the hemp industry down in the 30's creating HUGE uproars over this unless they decide to jump on board. Unfortunately, that may be another hard fought battle, as we know how much those folks like to hold on to their profits on relatively NON renewable resources (if there is a supply limit, the price will ALWAYS go up).

In the long run, I think the nationwide movement is making huge strides, BUT, it needs to stay nationwide. I'm not trying to down-talk your decision to move to a "legal" state, I just think the movement needs to grow over the whole nation. If CO and WA proved one thing, it's the power of a vote. If the majority of pro folks move to states that have "legalization", it drops the # of pro votes in states that don't have it, therefore, slowing down the nationwide movement overall. I do understand I am a bit jaded, as I live in a VERY liberal area (NOT State, as CO, outside of the Front Range metroplex, is VERY conservative) when it comes to MJ, but I did grow up on the east coast and fully understand the draconian laws still in place, so I do understand the desire to leave :) Do your best to spread the word and be part of the movement in your area until you decide to leave. Though I agree wholly with pure freedom of the movement, the "right to get stoned" movement will fail every time (until we can convince folks of the reality, not the propaganda), so use the info that is out there regarding the medical aspects, and you will start to see heads turn a LOT more ;) I can't tell you how many folks I've met in the last couple years who NEVER "got high" and in turn, were astounded by the benefits of the medicinal side for pain relief, sleep aid, appetite aids etc. Get folks on THAT bandwagon, and you will see your states movement grow in ways you wouldn't believe!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27418611

OP here is the proof of the shit talking in this post!

Fifty-four percent of voters approved Amendment 20 on November 7, 2000, which amends the state’s constitution to recognize the medical use of marijuana. The law took effect on June 1, 2001. It removes state-level criminal penalties on the use, possession and cultivation of marijuana by patients who possess written documentation from their physician affirming that he or she suffers from a debilitating condition and advising that they "might benefit from the medical use of marijuana." (Patients must possess this documentation prior to an arrest.) Patients diagnosed with the following illnesses are afforded legal protection under this act: cachexia; cancer; chronic pain; chronic nervous system disorders; epilepsy and other disorders characterized by seizures; glaucoma; HIV or AIDS; multiple sclerosis and other disorders characterized by muscle spasticity; and nausea. Other conditions are subject to approval by the Colorado Board of Health. Patients (or their primary caregivers) may legally possess no more than two ounces of usable marijuana, and may cultivate no more than six marijuana plants. The law establishes a confidential state-run patient registry that issues identification cards to qualifying patients. Patients who do not join the registry or possess greater amounts of marijuana than allowed by law may argue the "affirmative defense of medical necessity" if they are arrested on marijuana charges.

[link to norml.org]
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