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Message Subject Bump it if you moving to Washington or Colorado for that legal RECREATIONAL WEED!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
if you have any in your system at all and get pulled over you're boned bro. DWI even if you haven't smoked :(
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24017208

You really should do a little research before you spew bullshit!
 Quoting: 1nf1del

for wa state it's true. you only have to be in a room with people smokin and once it's in your system you could be busted with dui. they're makin it the smallest microbial amounts to bust you for. i can carry an ounce on me without gettin busted (who does this unless they've just scored), but just like when it was illegal i still will have to sneak around to use it or stay in my house to do it. don't get caught sharin your weed with anyone either. used to be you'd get busted for just smokin and maybe possession, but now they could actually bust you for distribution which with their new rules will be worse. sounds silly, but that's how our government works when they say they're doin somethin for us. just wait until they start mandatory drug testin once or twice a year for all jobs. they still haven't told us all the rules for when they start actually sellin it. wait till you do go buy some. only those with a valid id allowed and it'll be scanned and kept in a nice wa state data bank for all current and potential employers to see along with the feds upon request. oh yeah...make sure you don't own any firearms if you're involved in any steps of the process either. it's not gonna be like buyin alcohol and i'm tellin you...the government like only they can is gonna fuck this up worse than when it was illegal. they're even fixin to lower thc levels which sooner or later will also bleed into the medical dispensaries. the number of people that have never had run ins with the law over weed will skyrocket. inquisitio

do i want it legalized? yes...but not with all the added on crap that the government's gonna do.
 Quoting: eatinmraw 13951732

Oh and here in Colorado, we can grow up to six of our own plants, my strains aren't going anywhere!
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