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11/07/2012 09:00 AM
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Nibiru is a supposed wandering planet whose passage near Earth would cause a devastating apocalypse in the 20th century. The idea is a major part of 2012 mythology and was mentioned as part of the promotion for the disaster film 2012. The veracity of this rogue planet is in doubt.

The idea is that the ancient Mesopotamians and other ancient astronomers had observed and predicted a wandering planet with an orbit that would only make it visible to observers on earth every 3500 years. The speculation on Nibiru is only the latest in a series of apocalyptic theories. The first person to propose this scenario was Nancy Lieder the founder of the web site ZetaTalk. She claimed that when she was a young girl she encountered a race of aliens called the Zetas. They supposedly implanted a communication in her head allowing her to communicate with them. She first claimed that the planet which she called planet x would pass near the earth. The resulting interaction between the magnetic core of the earth and the magnetic field of planet x would result in a migration of the Earthís magnetic poles causing a crust displacement.

She went on to claim that it would occur in May 2003. Of course, when it did not happen on the promised date she claimed the date was a false one to fool the establishment and claimed that it would happen in 2010. The current name for her planet X, Nibiru came from an author Zechariah Sitchin who wrote about ancient astronauts, extraterrestrials believed to have visited Earth in ancient times. It was supposedly the name of a particular planet observed by the ancient that had a similar orbit to Ms. Liederís Planet X.

In the end you can see that what everyone knows is an amalgamation of different sources. It has now been tied to the supposed 2012 Mayan apocalypse which is explored in a popular movie that came out last year, 2012. However scientists are skeptical on several fronts. Shaky time line aside, a planet passing so close to Earth would be visible to the naked eye long before it reached Earth. Scientist also assert that we would also be warned by a change in the orbits of the outer planets. Also many people who are experts on the Mayan calendar state that 2012 is considered the end of an age and not the end of the world.
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United States
11/07/2012 09:21 AM
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You had me until the Zetas implanted a communications device in some girls head.