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Message Subject Beauty guru confesses on Youtube and names father who allegedly raped, tortured her from age 4 - 13, true or false?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
wow how scary if true the poor girl.

Something triggered this reaction, if you look at her twitter she talks about malls then BAM it goes full force into this.

the audacity of her step mother subscribing is what pushed this girl over the edge.

he hurt this girl deeply, how did her mother not know this was going on and if she did why wasn't he prosecuted you better believe if I were her mother he would of been bashed in the head with a frying pan then put in jail, nothing should ever stop a mother reporting this kind of abuse and if she doesn't report it she belongs in jail as well.

The accusations are so terrible that it seems almost impossible for her mother or anyone in that home to not know something had to be going on, they say there are no court cases in one link but she shows one on her page that her mother filed against him from the beatings.

The mother got a way and took her kids away from him which is good.

on that note, if this girl is lying, that is a horrible thing but if that man beat that woman her mother the court needs to take her mental capacity into account. Also you think this might affect her job?, she teaches children yet she is going thru a mental breakdown flashing weapons on youtube.

my heart goes out to her but should she be around children right now?
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