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Message Subject Beauty guru confesses on Youtube and names father who allegedly raped, tortured her from age 4 - 13, true or false?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Just the strain in her face and the dark circles tell me she is very stressed about it. I think she's for real. It wouldn't benefit her to lie.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 20581494

She starts the video out by saying this isn't how people usually see her.

Why the introduction to such a thing? And why the theatrical title "a message to my rapist"?

It's all so over-the-top. Who uses the Internet to sound off to their rapist?
They usually go to the police. Or confide in someone. They don't turn to YouTube.

According to the article in Huffington, the step mother subscribed to her that day. Now whether this is all one major coup to attract attention, we don't know.

But if you watch the video again, with the mindset that she's making this up, one can see where she might be acting.

Her tears look induced. Her no makeup look is to add to the victimization role. The sneering (curling up her lips) when she says the word rape or dad looks totally disingenuous.

Her gun collection well.......who buys a pink gun if not to show it off to others?
That's like buying a pink can of mace. Who cares what it looks like if it's really a tool to protect you while walking down the street.

I am not buying this. Not at this juncture anyway.
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