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Message Subject Beauty guru confesses on Youtube and names father who allegedly raped, tortured her from age 4 - 13, true or false?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Right! if this did happen the mother is complicit and legally responsible as well. End of story!
 Quoting: Nic

That's actually a good point...did the mother know and not pursue it legally (ie. have him locked up) when the divorce was going on? If they managed to have something in the divorce regarding "inhuman" treatment, why wasn't this situation brought to the police then? Unless perhaps the mother did not know the extent of the situation? Hmmm...
 Quoting: Laura Bow

In her story, she said her mother knew and was protecting her; remember, she said her mother went over her to protect her and that is why her mother got beat up. So to the story, her mother knew and protected her. But again, if so, why not do more with prosecutors? I mentioned this before, and was one of many reasons why I feel the story falls apart.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27300636

True...which would question why during the divorce she did nothing...like I said, I'm trying to remain open-minded about this but that's a good point as you'd have to wonder why she wouldn't have made sure his ass was in jail during or after the divorce at some point.
 Quoting: Laura Bow

Right. As I said, I am still open it happened and think it is best for a full investigation. But I think the critical questions and skepticism is best (innocent until proven guilty), especially when one sees all the quick, hateful reactionary comments which shows people assume accusation is proof of guilt. I am not saying she is lying, though I do think some people are right in saying, if this is true, the video was staged, scripted and made for attention (which explains elements of it). Nonetheless, I am trying to provide the most skeptical aspect to it without outright saying impossible for these reasons. I am open for evidence to come out in the proper fashion but I also think the questions are good to raise.
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