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Message Subject Alex Collier - Real alien contactee or fake?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
There was 1 landing.. back then at the Moon

They were told NEVER TO COME BACK..

Thats why ''we'' never did .. (we = humanity)

But all this is soon to be revealed..

And I can add that many of Milky Way's light beings are friends with most Andromedians..
After all, WE ARE NEIGHBOURS, real ones - not like those neighbours, that hate on each other on Earth..

For the record, stop focusing so much on something so small, like a person's name (credability) and start searching YOURSELF..

Thats the biggest problem today..

We HAVE NO CLUE who we are, thats why most humans cannot accept THE TRUTH..

We've no clue '' WHAT THE UNIVERSE REALLY IS '' ..

You dont need 1st contact with aliens, to understand that EACH humans is unique light being WITH INFINITE POTENTIAL !! (btw thats why some beings hate us ..)

Search within, then outside looks understandable...

Peace yo ONE LOVE hf
 Quoting: ExTraDimensionaL777

Hey Extra777. I am well aware of everything you just stated. If I posted with my Account, I guess you could see the context.

Unfortunately, I can't do that.

Let's just say, I already had my "Proof" of Alien existance and yes, they showed me that we are light beings with infinite potential.

Just wondering, if Collier is jumping on the bandwagon of "We are all one" or if the guy really had contact.
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