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Message Subject UPDATE Dec 10: Damn...its time to start paying attenion to Patrick Geryl (i hate saying that). M7.4 in Guatemala...just like he said...again.
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I live in Hawaii and I had a friend actually leave back to the mainland because he said he kept having dreams that a giant tsunami wave was going to put the whole island (Oahu ) underwater. he moved back to Atlanta- thats how great his fear was about dying by tsunami. But I tied to tell him- if a tsunami wave comes .. where do you think its going to be coming from?? He didn't care to contemplate that.

He said eh had a few other people state that they had similar dreams.. Where the mountains on Oahu were inundated by water - The koolau mountain range is standing at a height of 3,100 ft. What would generate a 3100 ft tsunami? New Madrid b dropping all of the west coast into the ocean?

I imagine something like that..

then again his dream could just be manifestations of fear..
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 18181099

a 10+ EQ in the middle of the Pacific might be a problem for Hawaii for sure. Be alert.
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