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Message Subject UPDATE Dec 10: Damn...its time to start paying attenion to Patrick Geryl (i hate saying that). M7.4 in Guatemala...just like he said...again.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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It is a known fact that there is a direct correlation between earthquakes and planetary alignments. You can easily find this information online. The Great Chilean earthquake produced a 9+ earthquake and correlated to a great galactic alignment.

Predicting earthquakes is something many can do. This is a great article which explains that:

[link to www.ancient-world-mysteries.com]

These earthquakes have always coincided with a galactic alignment of 3 celestial bodies. The galactic alignment of 12/21/12 does not produce 3 celestial bodies but rather an alignment with the Milky Way. So the theory of a 10+ earthquake is debunked here again in this article.

I think Geryl is right about certain things but I think he is making stuff up here to sell books that will be irrelevant once 2013 comes to pass. I've heard numerous stories about how he collects a $280 fee for entry into his survival group and then proceeds to say he will need $10,000 more dollars.
 Quoting: doomie girl

December 19, 2012: Conjunction Saturn Mercury and the Sun

December 20, 2012: Line Up: Uranus Moon Earth

December 21, 2012: Conjunction Saturn Venus and the Sun

December 20 24, 2012: Triple Line Up Neptune Mars Mercury (strong
December 22)

December 21 24, 2012: Triple Line Up Jupiter Earth Venus (strong
December 22 23)

December 23, 2012: Line Up: Saturn Moon Earth

December 25, 2012: Line Up: Jupiter Moon Earth
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