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Message Subject UPDATE Dec 10: Damn...its time to start paying attenion to Patrick Geryl (i hate saying that). M7.4 in Guatemala...just like he said...again.
Poster Handle MatrixLNIN11
Post Content
Here are his upcoming predictions. See for your self if he's right.

This was written on Oct 28th, and take a look at what he called for Nov 7-8.

November 7-8: possible 7 plus

November 13-14: 6.5 plus

November 15-16: 6.5 plus

November 20: 6 plus

November 22-23: 6.5 plus

November 28: 7

December 4-5: 7 plus

December 11: 7 plus

December 17-18: 8 plus

December 21: 10 plus"
 Quoting: Wash

November 14 = 6.1 2012/11/14 19:02:06 -29.157 -71.272 61.8 COQUIMBO, CHILE

November 16 = 6.4 2012/11/16 18:12:40 49.269 155.472 29.1 KURIL ISLANDS

That's NOT a 6.5 plus...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27952181

The Kuril Islands was originally recorded as a 6.8 and later downgraded. TPTB downgraded it to discredit PG.
 Quoting: hapless moran

No, they did it because they can and are being directed to.

I doubt anyone at the usgs even knows about him other than being one of MANY who say pretty much the same thing.
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