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Message Subject UPDATE Dec 10: Damn...its time to start paying attenion to Patrick Geryl (i hate saying that). M7.4 in Guatemala...just like he said...again.
Poster Handle eddieboneman
Post Content
Hey . will inland florida be affected alot ?
 Quoting: Worried Child 28165877

It will be better than the coastlines. Get as high north as you can.
 Quoting: MatrixLNIN11

According to Edgar Cayce FL and most of the southern states will be under water.along with most of the east coast. I live in SW VA and I am hoping for beachfront property. But I would rather re-incarnate as I need a new body to be of service in most ways.

Geryl says few will survive and it will really be the luck of the draw. He believe Africa to be the best place ofr survival. But the way they are all fighting over the Holy Land makes one wonder if sitting a top the Sphinx or in Israel might not be the best place.
 Quoting: duncog2012

Cayce also said this would happen in the 1990's but it didn't. He's gotten many many things wrong.. And as for Geryl... whacko..
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