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Message Subject UPDATE Dec 10: Damn...its time to start paying attenion to Patrick Geryl (i hate saying that). M7.4 in Guatemala...just like he said...again.
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December 2 - 3, 2012: Conjunction Earth - Jupiter and the Sun
December 3, 2012: Opposition Neptune - Mercury across the Sun
December 3, 2012: Opposition Uranus - Venus across the Sun
December 4-5: 7 plus

 Quoting: Pa resident1

Is there any actual scientific evidence that supports the notion that when planets are in an 'alignment' that earthquake activity rises?

Seems the 'new age' are more obssessed with these alignments than the actual ancients were. Perhaps it's more a case of alignments only really being relevant for the time. In other words, what relevance do they even play today? And why is an alignment from the earth's perspective even important? What about the alignment in relation to all the other planets and the sun?

And again, where is the evidence they actually matter?
 Quoting: eddieboneman

What "SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE" are you talking about?

How can modern and conventional science ever be able to measure such Celestial Processes using PRIMITIVE SCIENCE?

So what kind of "scientific evidence" do think can ever be presented with modern sciences LIMITED technology and knowledge?

Are you saying that because "science" hasn't presented any such evidence, that it means the P.A.T. is not true or can't be true?

I submit that there IS compelling EVIDENCE beyond a shadow of a doubt to support it, (and my warnings are among those that have already PROVEN it), and that science is either hiding it, denying it, or too primitive to understand it yet.

What relevance do they "play" today? HUH? Are you joking?
You're really unable to see the relevance and importance?

Not sure what EARTH'S "perspective" has to with this issue though.

and which alignment in relation to all the other planets and the sun are you talking about?

perhaps the next major quake (or minimum 6.7) hitting at least 2 out of the 3 windows I've warned (or my warning for 515215 +-1day), will further validate my premise to you, especially when you realize there's a difference between coincidence and a pattern which alone is considered evidence.
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