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Election leads to run on gun stocks

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 25765527
United States
11/07/2012 12:25 PM
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Election leads to run on gun stocks
The reasoning? Traders on StockTwits are citing continued fears that President Obama may eventually want to push for stronger laws on gun control. And that apparently has investors thinking that nervous fans of the 2nd Amendment will rush out to buy guns before it gets tougher to do so.

miningalmanac: Gun stocks $RGR $SWHC up big in pre-open. $GOLD & $SILVER too. So much for efficient markets - Obama was a lock, but this wasn't priced in.

Well, I'm not sure Obama was necessarily a lock. But it is interesting that Smith & Wesson, Ruger, Cabela's and Big 5 all popped Tuesday as well and kept climbing Wednesday even as the broader market was in free fall mode.

WALJR: $RGR just like when people think they cant buy something they stock up on it like never before!

PAAResearch: It's amazing that $SWHC might be the biggest gainer today from the Obama victory. The "Obama fear" trade in this name continues $RGR..
[link to buzz.money.cnn.com]