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Message Subject The 2nd witness of Revelation 11 is the prince of Israel
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I try to show 2 things in this thread:

1. The destruction of Israel in Isaiah, Jeremiah, and the prophets is a rehearsal for the United States.

The bible has a pattern of doing the physical first and the spiritual second. We saw physical Israel in those books. The same thing is happening to the United States, first Israel turned from God. Then took God out of the land, just as the U.S has.

The physical Israel saw the wrath of God come and were taken away into slavery when the enemy came and Israel had no God to protect them. It doesn't matter how powerful your country is, if God is against you then you will lose.

If physical Israel was taken into captivity do you not think spiritual Israel(United States) will be taken into captivity also?

The 2nd thing I try to show is that God raises up a deliverer, just as God always does when calamity comes. This servant will be Gods greatest of all servants and will claim to be the first begotten of Jesus. If you read through the thread you will see this last day servant builds the temple of God, and again God already had a physical temple 2 times and they were destroyed, this temple the last day servant is building is a spiritual temple that can't be destroyed....please read through the thread and if you like it......share it on facebook by clicking on the link in the right hand corner of the first page, also share it on twitter by doing the same thing in the twitter link.....thank you
 Quoting: waterman

Hmm taken away into slavery or held captive in slavery?

I think the USA may be heading down the road into the second.
 Quoting: MURK9
The ones held captive in slavery will be of the fema camp victims within this nation. This is of Satan's wrath against a once Godly nation, who allowed wickedness to rule over them. These captives will be held in this land, for a short season,(6 to 9 months). Many if not most will be raped, starved, and tortured to death. Sadly men of evil will not come to their aid nor fight against wicked deeds. Such men only live in fear of their own safety, and will not help their fellows in captivity at that time.

The second group taken into slavery will be after this nation is attacked by many nuclear weapons by a great nation. This will be within a year period from now, thus the end of the fema camps. The second group taken away in slavery is God's wrath against a rebellious people, and all idols will be burned away from the land. This second group will be purposed to suffer in captivity for two full years,(2yrs. 9mos)two full years. This captivity will be in other nations, but their full servitude must be forty and two months, even as waterman has testified also. They (Jacob)(U.S.A.) even runs to their brother nation, (Canada), to escape the enemy, but their brother will not hide them or welcome them into their border,(Obad.6-15). Do not be mislead by names of regions, for they are germane only through discernment.

God's purpose for this group is to bring forth a holy people, void of all idols, repentant of all sins, seeking God in all mercy. A nation torn and a people crying out in their captivity will both be heard by a merciful God, and He shall show His favor once again to a people and a nation forgotten by all, but only after the full second year. These are the times of Jacob's trouble (42 mos.), many will be saved and many will not. Those who seek to save their lives shall be lost! Hiding in other countries, storing up in hidden lands will not allow you to escape the wrath of God. Those who trust in God will be shown the path of eternal life! After that time, the Tribulation period commences! Pray you have escaped in God's grace by then.

This is why many think the rapture comes after the tribulation times. Others say no, but before those 7 years. Both are correct. What they failed to see is the time of Jacob's trouble is also part of a tribulation period for the church, this nation, this world. For the destruction of the United States is going to lead the World into starvation, death, wars, and the Anti- Christ. First though God must come forth to receive a bride, holy, spotless, wrinkled free. Only heat takes away wrinkles, only hot water takes away spots. So after these troubles, then the rapture, but first great sorrow will come and hundreds of millions must perish, most will be the people of this nation to start.

However, all those who are trusting in the rapture to save them, are lost already. Jesus Christ alone is your salvation. Trusting anything outside of Him, will not allow you an easy escapism to the good, pleasant, comfortable eternity you so much desire! God knows the heart, trusting in a happening (rapture) is not the salvation Christ paid so dearly for. Jesus wants you to trust in Him. He can get you home safely. Those who will trust in the rapture are deceived within their own heart. The heart is evil, and desperately wicked, above all things, who can know it. Rejoice in the thought of the rapture, but put no trust in a happening. This is a form of Idol worship and God is not in this! No image, no sign, no play on words can deceive His sheep. His sheep hears His voice, and they alone cannot be deceived. If you can not trust in Christ first, and live for Him now. How shall you stand in the days of evil, hate, murder, rape and starvation. How will you love your enemy, and if not, how will you please Christ?
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