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Message Subject The 2nd witness of Revelation 11 is the prince of Israel
Poster Handle waterman
Post Content
The servant is carried away captive after the destruction of the united states and is in captivity for 42 months before the 7 year tribulation. We clearly see the enemy comes from the north and this servant will be carried back to that land: notice again the land being attacked is the daughter of zion(united states), not Gods firstborn son Israel and this daughter is like a woman in labor just like where the man-child is.
Jeremiah 6:
22This is what the Lord says:

“Look, an army is coming

from the land of the north

a great nation is being stirred up

from the ends of the earth.

23They are armed with bow and spear;

they are cruel and show no mercy.

They sound like the roaring sea

as they ride on their horses;

they come like men in battle formation

to attack you, duaghter of zion.”

24We have heard reports about them,

and our hands hang limp.

Anguish has gripped us,

pain like that of a woman in labor.
 Quoting: waterman
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