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Message Subject The 2nd witness of Revelation 11 is the prince of Israel
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Doesn't that tell you something when you can't answer this?

Jesus is my redemption but this servant will bring the two houses of Israel together and is Jesus' first born adam, Jesus' firstborn
 Quoting: waterman

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 21195758

We know all of Israel will be saved, so Israel is not mankind and the kingdom of heaven because if all of Israel is saved that would mean "all mankind" would be saved and we know not all of mankind is saved many are going to hell.
 Quoting: waterman

If God allows every human being who has ever lived on earth to enter Heaven what is that to us humans?

Waterman, do you understand that once THE BLOOD fell onto earth.... The earth and it's inhabitants were all cleansed for all eternity.

I do not understand how He has cleansed "me" I deserve to perish, this old man has lived a rough life on earth. If He can save me then He can save anyone! Thats how I see Salvation and the powerful Blood of Christ!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 21195758
You are excluding God's own command..that without faith no man can receive the hope of salvation. The Blood of Jesus does not automatically secure salvation, but the belief in the actions of that shed blood. Not every soul is going to accept through faith the power of God's salvation through the shed Blood of our Savior. For by grace are you saved through faith (Eph.2:8). Most are not going to simply put their trust in the actions that Jesus secured their salvation 2,000 years ago. Most of humanity will awaken in hell at the end of their lives, simply b/c they didn't trust in that same blood offering that you did.
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