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Message Subject Pastor Hale Saw Obama Re-elected A Year Ago in a Prophetic Dream
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Perhaps we need to understand dreams before we go around proclaiming them to be prophetic.

If anyone thinks something in their waking state there is a fairly good chance at some stage they will have a dream that includes it. The stronger they hold an opinion the more likely they will include it in a dream.

The brain is funny like that!

So if they hate Obama, think he is the anti-Christ, (as delusional and unknowing as that is), think that 2012/2013/2014/2015 is the end of the world and pretend that they know their Bible and Bible Prophecy - they will probably include all their delusional thoughts in a dream at some stage.

Oh and the dream may be vivid, it may appear to be really happening. Shock! Horror!

It's a dream!

They have taken their overactive and delusional thinking into their sleeping state.

Congratulations! In the morning the sun will rise, they will wake up, they will still be delusional, (probably more so now), and in 4 years, (if the world doesn't end beforehand or if a nutjob doesn't do something evil), Obama will leave the Presidency.

Then they can turn all their unChristian vitriole and bigoted hatred onto someone else.

They will still be able to misrepresent everything as usual, and they will still believe they are right even though they are wrong.

They will still think they are going to heaven even though everything they say and do would indicate they won't (if they believe in hell, that is).

They will still be on conspiracy sites talking crap, and they will still continually make a fool of themselves.

My prophecy is that even though there might be more candidates either a Republican or a Democrat will become President.

I wonder if my prophecy will come true?

Wakey! Wakey!
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