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Message Subject Pastor Hale Saw Obama Re-elected A Year Ago in a Prophetic Dream
Poster Handle nut kicker
Post Content
mommy always warned me to watch out for

1) witches

2) Warlocks

3) seventh day aventist bastards

4) Women with prams (dont ask)


5) Christians.

I guess many people saw this coming, but the facts where with CNBC.com and wallstreet.com and a few other sites. There are other sites like [link to www.forecastfortomorrow.com] and financialarmageddeon.com that have been saying obama was gunna get in long before anyone else, and are better sources for these types of events.

You can whine all you want, but obama getting in is not a good thing. Lots of people and blackies cheering about this, but they do not realise they are any better off than they were 4 years ago.

When will people wake up and smell the coffee.

Probably by the time it is too late.
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