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Message Subject Pastor Hale Saw Obama Re-elected A Year Ago in a Prophetic Dream
Poster Handle SilverPatriot
Post Content
- Paster Hale is not a prophet

- The future is not static

- How can we have free-will if the future is already set in stone???

Obviously, this will not be a message that resonates in the hearts of many and you are correct different outcome changes are possible through the hearts of people. There are communists within the government and military one prominent military high-ranking traitor is Colin Powell for instance.

Having said that many currently and former military people still value the American Constitution which is why the obama minions did their best to suppress the military vote. If you red the transcript the oppressors were from the government and not the military and most will agree obama has collected his own army through FEMA, Homeland security and the TSA to name a few.

Further obama touted that he would have more flexibility after the election therefore you can bet that he will push with greater strength the UN’s agenda, as he was always a useful puppet for Global Governance.

We will see obama agenda of spread the wealth come to fruition and the foolish who believe that they will have a free lunch from the government will not comprehend that they re receiving the dregs of the stolen booty. When the economy further breaks down you will witness the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in spades as the government dependent masses await salvation from obama and the government.

Obama May Levy Carbon Tax to Cut U.S. Deficit, HSBC Says

Barack Obama may consider introducing a tax on carbon emissions to help cut the U.S. budget deficit after winning a second term as president, according to HSBC Holdings Plc.

A tax starting at $20 a metric ton of carbon dioxide equivalent and rising at about 6 percent a year could raise $154 billion by 2021, Nick Robins, an analyst at the bank in London, said today in an e-mailed research note, citing Congressional Research Service estimates. “Applied to the Congressional Budget Office’s 2012 baseline, this would halve the fiscal deficit by 2022,” Robins said.

[link to www.bloomberg.com]

Harry Reid agenda: Filibuster crackdown, tax increases

Sen. Harry Reid embraced his role as a more empowered Senate majority leader Wednesday, calling for a major fiscal deal in the lame duck session while vowing a new push on immigration reform and an overhaul of filibuster rules in the new Congress.

He also promised not to “mess with Social Security” as negotiations begin on fiscal reform.
[link to www.politico.com]

During missile defense talk, Obama tells Medvedev he'll have 'more flexibility' after election

President Obama assured Russian President Dmitry Medvedev Monday that he'd have "more flexibility" after the November election, during a conversation that appeared to focus on the touchy issue of missile defense.

[link to www.foxnews.com]
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