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Message Subject Pastor Hale Saw Obama Re-elected A Year Ago in a Prophetic Dream
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
- Paster Hale is not a prophet

- The future is not static

- How can we have free-will if the future is already set in stone???

first: free will of man is.... and always will be.... an illusion. There is only one will.

second; the future is absolute, but no one can see the absolute future except those that are either given it or those that are one with it.

i have had experiences as have perhaps tens of thousands of people have had where the future was shown in exact detail of how it actually ends up occuring. EXACTLY.

and since this is an absolute truth that I personally have experienced, then, this also means that the absolute future can be 'seen' or 'known' in all ways.

it is rare to see the exact truth of the future...as it is really going to happen, because of the altering or colouring of the ego becomes involved. The ego distortion is illusory and can never be trusted.

when a being of spirit or paranormal nature shows someone the 'future' and says that it can be changed...it merely means that that being is also caught up in illusions of desire that Ego creates.
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