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Message Subject Pastor Hale Saw Obama Re-elected A Year Ago in a Prophetic Dream
Poster Handle yapha watcher
Post Content
of course he was re-elected. I've told people this for the past year as well.

The leopard must die first and then out of the leopard the beast that brings death comes. America falls into darkness.

don't believe me -- well - look at DIA mural and then .. read the leopard's autobiography. The beast running through the jungle - it's getting very very close now to the leopard.

Have you wondered why obama has not been looking so healthy lately -- it's because he knows intuitively. Now you know too. all the peoples (races, tribes, classes, families) will be divided. Chaos is coming. Death will walk through the streets.

Still dont believe it - put the pieces together, such as -- the 9-11 speech, the 9-11 memorial, the "ley lines" of sacrifice, the olympic ritual, the waves pounding the east followed by the north wind (check out the cathedral columns and see what happens next!), the trumpets, the signs....

The funny part is - the self-fulfilling prophecy is now so intricately woven (engineered) that nearly all your "choices" are gone. The roads all lead to the same end.

All that is left is a decision - wake up and see the unseen (either side) or be a blind man stumbling fearfully through the final few years.
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