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Message Subject Pastor Hale Saw Obama Re-elected A Year Ago in a Prophetic Dream
Poster Handle cragi
Post Content
On the issue of free will vs prophecy, the 2 are not incompatible. God does not enforce His Will upon us. We have a free will. He created us free so that we not be robots, but have the ability to choose to love Him and call out to Him, that He individually reveal Himself to us and eventually, through us from inside of us.

So, free will was important. He gave it to the angels, and a third of them fell into wickedness, but the rest serve Him. He gave it to humans, and the majority do not follow Him. But you can be in any country without access to the gospel and still reach out to God in sincerity and He will reveal the truth to you about His coming to the earth in the form of Jesus Christ for the salvation of those who believe in Him. And He then teaches us directly about truth, and empowers us with supernatural gifts to face the darkness of this world. Including in those gifts are dreams, some prophetic and others more knowledge about circumstances. I received one prophetic dream that was from the Lord and it was just a piece of a bigger puzzle of dreams within my church body that were woven together, as God was working the unity of His Spirit in us, since we came from such extremely different backgrounds. Ive never before or since dreamt about going to the bathroom, but all of our dreams shared the same characteristics and had to do with flushing the defilement of American Christianity, and had bizarre similar twists, like all had half-doors on the bathrooms, so our nakedness was exposed as we sat on the toilets in these public restrooms.

Anyways, "time" and "space" are just creations of God and He is not limited by them in any way. Humans have always been governed by time and space and we cant really understand concepts such as infinity, because everything in our worlds have a beginning and an end. God stands outside of time and this is how He can see the end from the beginning and convey to us these prophecies and visions that will be experienced in the future. The works of Nostradamus and Gacey are just cheap imitations of this, drawing on demonic guesswork.

There is a prophetess in my church body that has had over 150 confirmed prophecies come true now, and they are very detailed and often of a nature that would be near-impossible to predict, individually. Since the beginning of 2009, she has talked about the coming riots & fire that will come to this country, starting with NYC. These will be riots in response to a public event that will shock this country, which she has hinted will be Obama's assassination. Hillary Clinton also becomes president, but she didnt say "next" president. She has also had prophecies that take place in 2045 and beyond, so it seems highly unlikely that Obama is the antichrist going by what she is saying. She also has given me many personal prophecies not included in this list of 150+, that have come to pass or parts of them have come to pass.

[link to shoutsofjoyministries.com]
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