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Nine Year-Old Girl Dominates Boys Football League (video)

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User ID: 27215726
11/07/2012 05:29 PM
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Nine Year-Old Girl Dominates Boys Football League (video)

Salt Lake City's Sam Gordon looks like Jim Brown running through tackling dummies.

The quarterback takes hits, she straight arms, she even stretches the ball over the goal line on one score. Amazing.
Her stats for season: 1,911 rushing yards, 8.2 yards-per carry, and 25 touchdowns (also, 65 tackles), while playing in the Gremlin age group (mostly nine year-olds) of the Ute Conference.
She's the freakin' Galloping Ghost of the Gremlin League.

Real more [link to www.buzzfeed.com]
sci fi girl

User ID: 488778
United States
11/09/2012 04:29 AM
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Re: Nine Year-Old Girl Dominates Boys Football League (video)
There are numerous problems with this story. First, having been involved with several youth sports, both boys and girls, in the recent past, I can tell you that no league keeps these kinds of detailed individual stats, especially for that young an age group. They don't have statisticians for pee-wee league football, so exactly who calculated all those yards?

Second, the video is very suspicious. The speed of the little girl looks like it was enhanced by CGI- hard to believe any one can run that must faster than the other kids. Also, the entire game flow seems totally unnatural. Nine year old football usually consists of most of the kids grasping and falling. I saw several examples of flying, helmet first hits by these supposed little kids. I just simply do not believe this kind of defense is played anywhere by children so young (and it never should be, because it's obviously extremely dangerous to them).

This has all the earmarks of a modern psy op, or fake story. It's designed to get a particular response from the sheeple, and it appears to have been successful.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 927602
United States
11/09/2012 04:36 AM
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Re: Nine Year-Old Girl Dominates Boys Football League (video)
Video was removed so I couldn't watch it, to see if it d fake or not, but honesty the idea of a nine year old girl doing well against boys isn't that hard to believe.

She's probably entered into puberty, and her friends on the team haven't, giving her about a twenty percent boost in strength and speed that will do something for her for nearly twelve ore months.

Don't misunderstand me, she might be a prodigy, but she won't be doing the same things in boys high school or college level sports, even if they let her play.

It would be like making us play against people with the strength and speed of chimps compared to what out bodies can do. (In case you didn't follow, I mean making the girl play against guys in her late teens. Not saying she has that kind of edge right now. When you can only lift forty pounds, a kid that can lift fifty seems like a big deal.)