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Message Subject video: 12/21/12 claims, researcher claims to decode mayan calendar.
Poster Handle tmorjh
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what an iq you have member and super grat point thumbs up

I thought it was interesting that if you take the number of people in the book of Revelation supposedly " marked ", 144,000 and divide it by the " number of the beast ", 666, you get 216.2162162162162, which is 216 repeated 5 times, which equals the number of god/holy spirit, etc, 1080.

But, If you take the number of chosen , 144000, and divide it by the number of god/Holy spirit, 1080, you get a number, 133.3333333333333, that multiplied by 5 gives you the number of the beast, 666.6666666666666

If you divide the number of the number of holy spirit, 1080, by the number of the beast, 666, you get a number 1.621621621621622, that if shortened to 1.6216216216 yields the ratio 222/360, which is what the golden ratio Phi is derived from.

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