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Message Subject video: 12/21/12 claims, researcher claims to decode mayan calendar.
Poster Handle T Ceti H.C. Radnarg
Post Content
flip that round 'Mayan' stone calender upside down and the "gods" tongue becomes a rocket spewing flames hitting that wormhole...pull up the black and white print of the Inca god viracocha,,that's a 16 wheeled lander as a head with bubble domes as eyes,think 3D and fold the 16 wheeled legs inward...then check out the baby lander deploying out the top of the bigger lander head..turn the print sideways and enlarge it and think 3D...its a 2 stage rocket on a launch platform spewing stylized flames through the platform...its arms are digging machines holding long windowed craft with a door in the "birds" head...do ya think the worlds been dumbed down a bit...
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