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'All Seeing Eye' UFO Has anyone seen this?! *Video*

Monguse Pro
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United Kingdom
11/07/2012 06:27 PM
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'All Seeing Eye' UFO Has anyone seen this?! *Video*
So i was doing my daily browse of the various topics on GLP's and came across one source which lead me to another etc, etc.

Then i came across the 'black night satellite' forum post and this link:

It's a video of various military staff discussing there encounters with UFO activity during the 70's 80's. One description REALLY caught my attention.

Quote: "The only way I can describe it was like an eye, Red and black in the centre and it winked. It had like a molten metal substance coming off of it"

So as you do i google "eye UFO" and came across this:

Is that for real and has anyone else come across it?!
WTF comes to my mind. Iv'e been researching UFO's for nearly 10 years and iv'e never seen anything like that.

Your thoughts?

p.s this is my 1st post on my 1st day of sign up so go easy on me aye. I have no idea whether the links embedded right or not. ;-). Cheers

I should also mention that i found the orignial threat ib haters (im not sure if thats blasformy on here yet so shhhhh!) and nothing came up on the archive search

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Anonymous Coward
User ID: 11996066
11/07/2012 06:33 PM
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Re: 'All Seeing Eye' UFO Has anyone seen this?! *Video*

looks like a TV screen in the sky showing an eye ball looking down to earth