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Subject Why are we still waiting ?
Poster Handle Avalonia
Post Content
What are we all waiting for ?

The 21 of December ?

A second Coming ?

A Messiah ?

Aliens to show on our sky ?

Someone to guide us ?

An AntiChrist ?

Someone to approve us ?

Someone to deceive us ?

Someone to Rule us ?

The Collapse of the System ?

A wave to rip our brain and heal our hearts ?

A better day ?

The Sun to explode ?

The Moon to fall on Earth ?

Meteorites to strike ?

A new religion ?

A new way of living our lives ?

A Golden Age ?

The start of a New Cycle ?

The end of the Old Way ?

A Surprise ?

Santa Clauss ?

What are we waiting for ?

If I am You and You are He and He is She and She is Me and I am We and We are All... what are we waiting for ?

I am the Alien to come, I am the system to collapse, I am Messiah on the clouds, I am We.


And We have to Wait No More.

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