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Message Subject Why are we still waiting ?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
What are we all waiting for ?

The 21 of December ?

A second Coming ?

A Messiah ?

Aliens to show on our sky ?

Someone to guide us ?

An AntiChrist ?

Someone to approve us ?

Someone to deceive us ?

Someone to Rule us ?

The Collapse of the System ?

A wave to rip our brain and heal our hearts ?

A better day ?

The Sun to explode ?

The Moon to fall on Earth ?

Meteorites to strike ?

A new religion ?

A new way of living our lives ?

A Golden Age ?

The start of a New Cycle ?

The end of the Old Way ?

A Surprise ?

Santa Clauss ?

What are we waiting for ?

If I am You and You are He and He is She and She is Me and I am We and We are All... what are we waiting for ?

I am the Alien to come, I am the system to collapse, I am Messiah on the clouds, I am We.


And We have to Wait No More.

 Quoting: Avalonia

Everyone needs to unplug from the system and learn to live off the land and grow their own food. If we don't do it NOW we'll be forced to do it LATER and many without the needed skills will die. Nature's a bitch.
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